13 março 2009


E na busca das amendoeiras longínquas e dos amores esquecidos, reavivados aqui:


If white is the colour
of mourning in Andalusia,
it is a proper custom.

Look at me,
I dress myself in the white
of white hair
in mourning for youth.

Abu l-Hasan al-Husri (d. 1095)

They shaved his head
to clothe him in ugliness
out of jealousy and fear
of his beauty.
They erased the night
and left him in dawn.
Yusuf ibn Harun al-Ramadi (d. 1022)

On the morning they left
we said goodbye
filled with sadness
for the absence to come.
Inside the palanquins
on the camels' backs
I saw their faces beautiful as moons
behind veils of golden cloth.
Beneath the veils
tears crept like scorpions
over the fragrant roses
of their cheeks.
These scorpions do not harm
the cheek they mark.
They save their sting
for the heart of the sorrowful lover.
Ibn Jakh (11th century)

(translated by Emilio Garcia Gomez & Cola Franzen)

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Tu deves saber que esta temática me diz muito. E asseguro-te que já cá estava enfiada antes de ter vindo viver mais para Sul. Folgo em voltar a ver-te "descoberto". :)

Paulo disse...

Belo reencontro com o poeta de Silves:

Tangia cordas de alaúde
E eis que eu estremecia
Como se estivesse ouvindo
Tendões de colos cortados.