27 março 2009


Ligths out, shoot up the station,
Tv´s dead, where's there to run?
Watch everybody come undone (Lights out)
We'll make it easy we'll make it run
One life they see now, how'd they get one?

Still I'll wait another run

Don't worry
Don't get to worry man I got you tight
Don't worry
Don't have to worry till i hit the lights

Wiped out, no concentration
They got us baskin' in a stole
I watched your ass head loose it all (Wiped out)
They ain't gone see me that's what i want
A casualty but i have more fun

And i know what it's about


I'm still here shaking my head
The way you care to come forth
I can't do what's down my head
There's no place to run

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