06 março 2011


Esta é graças ao Felizes, que m'os recordaram e a este período detestável - em abstinência!

Up behind the bus stop, in the toilets off the street,
there are traces of a killing on the floor beneath your feet.
Mixed in with the piss and beer are bloodstains on the floor,
from the boy who got his head kicked in a night or two before.

Homophobia- the worst disease
You can't love who you want to love in times like these
Homophobia- the worst disease
Love how you want to love and love who you please

In the pubs, clubs and burger bars, breeding pens for pigs,
alcohol, testostorone and ignorance and fists.
Packs of hunting animals roam across the town.
They find an easy victim and they punch him to the ground.


The siren of the ambulence, the dead pan of the cops.
Chalk to mark the outline where the boy first dropped.
Beware the holey trinity - church and state and law.
For every death the virus gets more deadly than before.

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